...and getting back to the beginning.

Like many photographers, I started on film. Black and white. I never used color film until this past month. It was definitely the foundation that I needed as a young photographer. A couple months ago, I bought a film camera. Sticking to my love of Canon, I bought a Canon Rebel 2000. It was released in 1998, which made me feel incredibly old since I was only 9 when it was released. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to produce with it, but I knew there were shots where the esthetic would just be better on film. There's also something more permanent about film. There's no RAW file to manipulate. It is just what it is, and there's a beauty to that. Additionally, it's a delayed gratification, which we don't see in today's age (I'm looking at you, Amazon same day delivery). You control as much as you can to get the shot that you want, but in the end, it's in the film's hands.

The selection below is day-to-day shots, mainly at my parents' lakehouse.

You really never forgot where you began, and it's been fun to get back to it. I currently have a black and white roll in my camera with about 3 captures left...I'm excited to see how those shots turned out.